Strange new icon corruption

The problem I am having is seen in the following screenshot:

For some reason, every application I have, when selected, shows the old "Open" icon rather than the correct one. As seen above, when an application is selected, the icon switches to an incorrect "Open" icon, yet when a different file is selected(in this case a .dll) the correct icon is shown. I have no other icon errors, and I have tried several times to delete and rebuild the cache to no avail. How do I fix this?

This is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit btw.
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  1. Hi sovtek, when looking into the problem, pl note that open icons show up when the selected file has been already assigned with an application to be opened with, (sethc is an application and windows knows it must be opened with a corresponding application), but on the other hand, a dll is an extension which the windows has not been assigned a correct application to open with. This is not a corrupted OS problem, rather it is making ur work easier by opening with ur fav. software/app in a single click.

    waiting fr ur reply, regards,
  2. Arun is right - you get the "Open with..." choice if the type of file you selected is not one that can be opened by the programs you have on your computer.

    For example, if you install Windows and then click on a ".PDF" file, you'll get the "Open with..." choice if you haven't installed Acrobat Reader. Once you install Acrobat Reader, it will show "Open".

    There aren't any programs which can ".DLL" files, so they'll always show an "Open With..." option.
  3. Sorry, I must clarify. I meant the actual ICON that corresponds to the "Open" and "Open With" options. See how one looks old and crummy while the other looks like the one from Vista? Until recently, my "Open" didn't show that awful Windows 3.X icon, it actually showed the nice Vista-looking one. Now I can't get it back :(
  4. Ah, I see. That's the icon that Explorer uses when for some reason it can't come up with a valid icon. Sorry, but I'm really not sure why it would do that or how to fix it. The icon in the file list seems fine, so it's strange that it wouldn't use that one...
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