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Corsair CX600 for GTX 570

I would like to know if a corsair cx600 will be enough to handle a single GTX 570
The rest of my system:
Intel Core I5-2500k
Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
Corsair CX600
HAF 912
8gb ddr3-1333mhz
Seagate-500gb HDD-7200rpm SATA
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  1. Yes it will handle it without any problem. And you'll get a room for some OCing too.
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    Short answer: Yes, it has more than enough wattage and amperage, even if you intend on overclocking the system.
  3. Go with Tx or Hx series they are much better and reliable.Though your cx series is not at all bad but after few months can lend you into trouble after all you are using a 500series card.

    I won't recommend you Ax series because that is not required.

    Recommendation:-Tx series of corsair.
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