Window don't start

My computer shut down itself,when i tried to turn on it take me to screen with
message window or harware is change and recomend me to repair window
i tried with the hard drive didn't open the window then i tried my service pack
cd to repair the window but nothing happen either both way load the window files but didn't open the window.

I bought wonders boot 12 program to start my window, it did all turn it on
the screen with boot cd but didn't repair my window it is unable to locate my
hard drive I don't know its my cpu or my motherboard got bad.Do you have
any recomdation or suggestion. My email is

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  1. Sounds like your hard drive is bad and should be replaced. Its not the motherboard or the CPU since the machine boots. If it didnt boot (nothing on screen) then maybe it could be one of those things.

    Take your email out of your message, you are just begging to get spammed or worse.
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