Antec Nine Hundred 2.0 usb or 3.0?

I am interested in buying the Antec Nine Hundred case for my computer, the problem is I don't know if it has 3.0 usb connections or not.
When I look at the specifications in Antec's site, it clearly says the case has 2x3.0 usb.

However, when I look at thier store it clearly says the case has 2x2.0 usb, and usb 3.0 is not mentioned

On newegg it says the case has 3.0 usb connection , but it says also "upgraded usb 3.0"

And lastly, two stores in my country write in their websites it has 2x2.0, but not any 3.0 usb connections.

If anyone can tell me whether or not this case has 3.0 usb connections, It will be great.

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  1. What country are you in?
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    the antec 900 is a pretty old case design. stick with something newer like a 302 and a 1100 instead. newer cases have more room in the back and generally better overall layout

    when they mean upgraded, it means that they replaced the front IO with a new panel that has usb3
  3. Thanks mate :)
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