My Gaming Rig (complete at last)

Well guys it took 2 days of hard work,swearing and head scratching but my rig is now finished. And it actually works Hazah!

CPU intel i5 2500K
GPU Gigabyte geforce gtx 670
Mobo Asus P8Z77-VLX
PSU Corsair builders series CX600
HDD western digital 1Tb
Case NZXT Phantom 410
OS Windows 7

Played Skyrim on ultra so far BF3 Is next.
A big thanks to everyone who gave me advice ,you guys rock!
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  1. I dont think I helped ......but Im glad your computer works .

    Well done :-)
  2. That build is like mine except for mobo and psu
  3. probably better then the mobo was a pain the backside to instal on my system
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