What video card for my low budget?

I am Building a new system

CPU: i5 2500k
MoBo: asrock exteme3 gen3
Memory: gskill 1600 8g
psu: corsair tx750 v2

and i am now at the picking a video card phase, and I'm leaning towards nvidia just cause they seem, as i have read, to be just a better built and supported (drivers) card
I can only talk my wife into eatting ramen for so much longer, so my budget is 150 - 200 max.
I would easily consider a cheeper card in sli (150 wouldn't be total budget so double but not anytime soon) as i hope to run 2 cards anyway but i need something that can hold me for a bit, 6 months i hope its sooner, till i can buy another. I need to paint some rooms and buy some new furniture for her. I got to build a new rig and she gets to redo some rooms =).
Just want someone to point me in the right direction. I am hoping to buy a new 1080p monitor, nothing fancy, a $150-$160 model and hoping to game at the highest level i can at 1080p. I don't play Battelfield 3 or shooters at all, but I do play anything i can get my hands on, but i was since it is graphically demanding, using BF3 as a reference point. If any other info is needed let me know, any advice would help. Thanks
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  1. +1 to rolli59.

    GTX 560Ti is the best card in the market for every dollar you spend per performance in its range of series.
  2. The 560 ti is just a little high, and im not sure they will be affordable/available when i can get a second one towards the end of this year
  3. Ok so if i was to push my budget like that, what brand, refrence desgin or soming like the msi twin frozer? Im so new to this stuff I just want to game the best i can on my budget and try my hand at overclocking stuff. Plus i was worried about runing sli or crossfire on my psu, i bought a bigger one for that reason but im not sure its big enuff now
  4. go over to spoofee.com. see if they still have the coupon code and rebate for the 6870. $129 after rebate. Best deal on the net right now.
  5. I was concerned about the micro shuttering ( i don't know what that is) that the 6870 has in crossfire, as i said before, I WILL be adding a second card because good enough just isn't how i roll *bam*
  6. 560 or 560 Ti and if your planning on doing SLI than you can also just go with the 560 as would be cheaper and they rock in SLI.
  7. how would one 560 do for right now, for say in skyrim or civ5, maybe even half life 3 bahahaha. So how would it do in maybe BF3
  8. and one 560 is right at my high price range I was hoping that prices would of droped and the 600 series would of caused that by now
  9. One 560 in BF3 would get you a mixture ofHigh/Ultra settings with no MSAA if you get a non OC 560 then overclock the card. Your looking for 900mhz or better stock card or overclock when running BF3 with one card. When I only had one 560 I had it clocked at 930mhz for BF3.
  10. well as i am coming from a ps3, is that going to be on par with the kind of graphics i have seen in good looking games like uncharted? like say i loved skyrim and played the bugged up ps3 version and the i play on pc with a 560, am i going to max out my graphic and is it going to blow me away, or will it look the same? also im wanting to buy 2 cards so i can avoid the NEED to pick up a ps4, whenever that is, and make it more of a want
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