Is my CPU improperly seated ?

Lately I have been noticing that my CPU will run about 5-10F hotter then my GPU, for example I turned on the PC this morning and the GPU was at 79F *yes F and not C lol* and the CPU was at about 90-95F this is with the system idle.
My CPU is cooled with a Zalman CNPS10X Performa with 2 120m fans in a push/pull config *2 Areocool Sharks* and the GPU *GigaByte HD4890OC with a Stock Zalman cooler* has the CNPS10X's stock 120m cooling fan modded to it.

My question is, is that normal that the GPU is getting better cooling then my CPU which is in a push/pull config ? An should I reseat the CPUs heatsink ?

My case airflow consists of 2 120m front intakes, 1 120m bottom intake, 1 120m rear exhaust, 2 120m top exhaust. so to say the least I think my airflow is *Good* lol.

This may seem like a nit picky post but I rather be safe then sorry when a component burns out :/.
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  1. You are comparing two different chips, of course there will be a temperature difference.
  2. my gpu idles at 50-60 my cpu 30-33.

    you are comparing apples to elephants. there is no reason to expect them to be the same.
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