Help With Red Light!

When I turn on my computer that I am building there is a green light on the bottom of the motherboard by the pci slots and a red light goes on between the memory and the cpu and after the red light goes on the computer turns off and starts again. Nothing appears on the screen. What is happening and how do I fix this?

Also if this helps the mother board is a Asus p8z77-v
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  1. Fixed the problem. Didn't plug in the 8 pin connector for processor power -.- Dumb.
    New problem- The computer turns on and says on but nothing is showing up on the monitor. Should I do a bios flashback using a flashdrive?
  2. yes there two bios one for cpu code update and one for ram. also if you have a gpu installed the mb going to give video to that if not it be the onboard video first.
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