Need Help on Graphics Card

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: (e.g.: this week (the closer the better)) BUDGET RANGE: (300-500 without tax) Before / After Rebates

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: (None- Integrated Intel 3000 HD and Corsair 750TXM 750W PSU )

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: (i7 2600k, ASUS p8z68 v-pro, memory - 16gb vengeance corsair RAM )

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: (newegg, canada computers, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: (Canada)

PARTS PREFERENCES: (Not sure radeon vs gtx, asus vs evga vs... )


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (Just a card that will run BF3, any new games that come out in the next 2-3 years, be able to handle 1080p, and a dual screen config.)

What video card would be best for me? gtx 560 TI, gtx 580, gtx 680, xfx radeon 7770... or a 9790?
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  1. How long can you wait?, i am assuming you need it asap tho. well my suggestion would be a 570 (maybe 580 if you can squize it in) As for the needs you desire..... you may want to go with a 7870, or a 7950. because a card to handle the games to come for the years to come at full blast is gonna cost more than... 250$
  2. you want to use the card to watch movies and do folding @ home?

    Any card will be able to watch movies. And... with the more money you spend on a card, your performance for folding will scale pretty linearly. I am not sure if the folding program you are looking to use is written to play better with AMD or Nvidia cards, but with my experience, OpenCL computing always runs better on AMD cards. For 250 you can pick up a 7850 of your choice brand on newegg. Overclock it as high as the software that comes with will let you - and enjoy your folding. The 7xxx series has quite a reputation for running stable overclocked.

    Good luck :D
  3. Go with the 9790. And tell me one other thing, what are things like in the future?
  4. Your best choices are probably one of these:
    - HD6870, or
    - GTX560Ti

    Shop around. i saw and HD6870 for $150.
  5. ^+1
    I agree with photonboy. The cards he has posted are still going strong and will be for a few years. All the 6xx and 7xxx series are have some troubles not major but some.

    The cards 6870 and GTX560Ti's pretty much have all the bugs worked out. Good luck to you and good luck on your choice of card it can only be better.
  6. And the GTX680 is $500+ which is far above your budget.

    You mention a dual-screen configuration. Did you mean for gaming or just work?

    I ask because:
    a) you need a GTX680 for dual-screen gaming or you'd have to really lower the quality, and

    b) dual-screen gaming is not recommended because the bezel split is directly in the middle of your game play.

    The GTX680 can actually play this game at 60FPS, 1920x1080 and the MAXIMUM quality. Man it looks amazing!
  7. The Dual screen would only be for work/productivity.
  8. So from what I'm seeing, to save money I should get a 560 TI ?
    What if I had to choose between a gtx 580 or a gtx 680, which would be better?
  9. bobdole14444 said:
    So from what I'm seeing, to save money I should get a 560 TI ?
    What if I had to choose between a gtx 580 or a gtx 680, which would be better?

    They both are close some degree but the 680 is better. Here is a link to help you.
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