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I come here to know if someone have an idea for me.

I want to play game, watch movie, etc... from my pc but display it on my projector wich is pretty far from the pc.

I don't want to use Media Server since I want to use this method to display everything that should be displayed on my pc monitor. (Gaming).

I don't think that 1080p wireless transmitter/receiver will work in my case since the projector is not in the same room as the pc and is pretty far.

I have one idea : My home have network cable in the wall. There is a network plug just near my pc and an another not far from my projector, but I didn't find any program/hardware that could help me. PC -> Network -> HDMI to Projector.

Any help/idea would be appreciated.

Sorry for my bad english (it's not my first language)

I really don't know where to post this, so moderator feel free to move it.

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  1. No one have an idea?

    Or a suggestion to which topic this question might find an answer?
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