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Hello, I just bought the nVidia GeForce GTX 550TI (OC) yesterday and installed it immediately after uninstalling the old drivers from my old video card and then when I played BF3 after this is what happened:

this didnt happen when I played WoW but when I played WoW after it did happen it did it in WoW too. Last night it also carried this problem out to the desktop when I quit the games and I had to restart my system. This only happens in games. I play BF3 on High settings and WoW on Ultra/High and Good depending on what I am doing. Please help me with this. These are my PC specs:

MOBO: MSI 760GM - P33 Micro ATX Motherboard
RAM: 4GB Kingstom Hyper - X Blu 2x2GB
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 B55 @ 3.30GHz
Graphics Card: Gigabyte nVidia GeForce GTX 550 TI (OC) (1GB, GDDR5)
PSU: Corsair Enthusiast Series TX 750W
HDD: Maxtor 7H500F0 500GB HDD
Case: Rosewill Destroyer ATX Mid - Tower Black Steel Gaming Case
Headset: Plantronics Gamecom Gaming Headset
Keyboard: Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard
Mouse:Razer Deathadder Gaming Mouse

I also have a liquid cooling system on my CPU.
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  1. I would go ahead and RMA the card to see if the problem goes away!
  2. I have never done that. What is the process, could someone explain it to me?
  3. Return to Vendor or request a RMA authorization from the manufacturers support website!
  4. Are you sure this is the best option to go with because I am in college right now so I kind of need my computer :P
  5. You still have your old card?
  6. I do but it doesn't work. The reason as to why I bought another one. I have so much bad luck with computer parts but thank god my old card lasted me quite some time.
  7. What was your old card?
  8. it may be that when they binned the gpu for that card they maxed it out or it was borderline on the oc. i would download asus afterburner and reset the gpu to stock speeds. and see if the error stops. also what could happen is the drivers from nvidia are not telling the fan to come on or up to full speed to cool the card down. in afterburner you can make a custom game profile.
  9. rolli59 said:
    What was your old card?

    My old card was a ATI Radeon HD 5570 by XFX.
  10. smorizio said:
    it may be that when they binned the gpu for that card they maxed it out or it was borderline on the oc. i would download asus afterburner and reset the gpu to stock speeds. and see if the error stops. also what could happen is the drivers from nvidia are not telling the fan to come on or up to full speed to cool the card down. in afterburner you can make a custom game profile.

    Alright, I will try that and reply back when I test this theory. Do you have a link to ASUS Afterburner?
  11. MSI afterburner
    You removed the ATI/AMD drivers totally before replacing cards?
  12. I went into the device manager and removed the driver for my old video card there but I didn't remove the AMD Catalyst Install Manager because I didn't see a remove option for it when I was in the control panel. While I was installing the drivers for my new video card it wasn't working so I went into the control panel and tried uninstalling the Catalyst again but I didn't see the option there. I found out like 2 minutes after that that I had to click the CHANGE button and remove it that way, so I did. I restarted my computer quite a few times after that. BUT every time I go into the control panel I still see it there and I don't know why. Also, after I uninstalled the Catalyst for the first time I was able to download the drivers and updates for my new card.
  13. Looks like you have done that correctly. You can try driver sweeper to see if you have any AMD/ATI remains to get rid off.
  14. Alright, also my fan speed was at 45% and I just raised it to 60%. The core clock is 970MHz and the shader clock is 1940MHz while the memory clock is sitting at 2050MHz. Should I put those at anything else?
  15. Edit to last post. It says here that my GPU temperature sits between 29 being the min and 34 being the max.
  16. I did not think it was temp related more like a faulty card or drivers.
  17. Alright, uuuuuuum I downloaded the program and it said the display drivers for AMD was still there so I analyzed and cleaned up and when I rebooted it says that they are still there. Why is the AMD installer sticking around no matter what I do? When I did try to uninstall through the change though in the control panel because I did that it said there was no file there but it is still being displayed in the control panel. Hmmmm.
  18. Okay, so I was able to un-install any display drivers I had for ATI/AMD and I started the game and the same problem happened about 15-20 minutes in the game. This was with BF3. Though I did play WoW for approximately 3 hours on HIGH settings and nothing happened and worked fine the whole time. I raided a 10 man dungeon the whole time. Also, in the control panel under the uninstall programs section, AMD Catalyst Install Manager is still sitting there and when I clicked the chainge button and then the un-install button, it said it couldn't delete nothing because there was no folder there from analyzing and cleaning up before using Driver Sweeper but when I opened Driver Sweeper it was also still sitting there after analyzing and cleaning but when I opened it and analyzed it that last time nothing showed up, hence the folder being gone from using Driver Sweeper before hand.

    I think I might have to return it or whatever but I really don't want to and kind of can't because I need my computer for school. I have absolutely no idea on what I should do next... This really sucks.
  19. if there no ati folder and it just sitting in the add/remvoe part of windows dont worry about it it an old issue with how people wrote uninstall programs. as long as there no ati folder. if your ok with looking at the registry do a search on ati and see if there anything left. on looking at your mb it has built in ati video have you check the bios to see if you can turn it off to make sure it not causing any issues. also do you have the newest mb drivers from amd loaded.
    there are a few know issues with the 700 ser chipsets.
  20. I actually thought I fixed it but I played BF3 and it happened again and then I called the people I bought the card from and they seen the video I posted on youtube and they said it is an issue with the video card and to bring it back. I went today and got a new one and I played BF3 with it and nothing happened so far so I think it might be fixed.
  21. Yep really sounded like bad card.
  22. Alright, well I went and got a new graphics card last Monday and it was a new one but the same kind. It was fine for a week and just now when I played Battlefield 3 it happened after playing 3 Team Deathmatches. A lot longer than it took the old card which was 10 - 20 minutes into a game. I don't know what to do but this is getting annoying and is starting to piss me off. Any new suggestions?
  23. Alright so I did trade the old video card for a new one so this is my second one. It started doing the same thing in Battlefield about a week after I got it. I also bought Skyrim and tested it on there and it did it after a bit of game play. So now that is two I went through. I had a friend tell me that it might be a compatibilty problem with my motherboard. Could that be it because if so I am ready to get a new motherboard. The current one I have right now is an MSI 760GM - P33 Micro ATX Motherboard and the one I am looking at currently is Can anyone give any suggestions or anything for my problem please? Possibly another alternative for a motherboard for around the same price? Maybe some advice on the problem and how it might be a compatibility issue?
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