Monitor low texture problem?

All right so i bought this monitor the samsung 24in LED S24B50HL at compusa. They said it was one of the best monitor this spring 2012. The monitor is connected to a rocketfish HDMI. I tested it on my xbox 360 with my same HDMI and it encounters the same problem. Now I know it has nothing to do with my Graphic card. Each time I play game, including my xbox ones, the image seems edgy and i looks low texture. I can play all my games in the max quality but it still encounters the same problem. I wish I can explain this better but its hard to express. Does anyone have an idea whats causing this problem?
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  1. Hi :)

    Well its a cheap monitor with a slow response time....return it for a better one ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. What are your system specs?, also, i can't find any details on that monitor anywhere online. What resolution is the monitor as well?

    And by "edgy" are you refering to "jaggies"/aliasing(where the edge of objects in game look "jaggy")
  3. EVGA GTX 580
    PSU Corsair HX750
    MB: Military class 3 z77a-g45
    Intel Core i7-2600k
    Ram: Corsair Vengeance 4GB
  4. I dont think it has nothing to do with pc spec. Remember i used it for my xbox
  5. eletrickapple01 said:
    I dont think it has nothing to do with pc spec. Remember i used it for my xbox

    Just need to make sure your system is capable of running modern games at max, your Xbox is not capable of rendering games at 1080p, hence bland textures are generally expected(it's generally 720p upscaled to fit the screen, hence a loss in quality). This is also why i asked for the monitors resolution.
  6. 1920 × 1080
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