I3 2c/4t or i5 4c/4t which 1 is better

Hello,wouldnt i3 2c/4t perform almost like i5 4c/4t with both having same core clock speed considering that i5 may have larger cache size,just wondering why paying more money games probably will have similar fps if u compare these 2,as i can see it its threads that matter not cores.i want to buy smthing in 120 euros range thts for i5 but itll be much cheaper if u find i3 2c/4t if ur low on money?
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  1. Because the 2 "Logical" cores of the i3 are only about 1/3 as powerful as the extra two real cores of the i5.

    Add to that that some games just don't play nicely with HT.

    Edit: That doesn't mean that an i3 isn't good for gaming because it certainly is, but the i5 is better.
  2. Actually, cores matter much more than threads. The hyper threading helps a bit, but in a properly threaded application, the i5 will be much faster.
  3. Always go for the quad core. The i5 is superior to the very good i3, especially for gaming.
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