Trying to Bridge 2wire 2701hg-b to netgear router, No Internet Connect

Ok well ive spent hrs last night and hours today to figure out how to get it to bridge.

Searching through many places for solution but no luck.

Everyone's 2wire works in bridge mode of they follow these steps

but when i try i get no internet connection nor does it pick up any internet activity. I even input my account and dsl password in the netgear router gateway still no luck.

Any help? what am i doing wrong???

Im trying to use the netgear router because in my room i only get 2 signals bars and if i switch to the netgear wireless N router the signal strength would be alot better.
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  1. have you try to change your Netgear's LAN IP to
  2. nope dun work
  3. still need some assistance
  4. how about leaving the 2wire as your main router but disabling it's wireless and connect the Netgear to it but configured as an AP (Access Point)?
  5. ill give it a try
  6. i cant seem to configure the netgear as an AP, ive tried searching many times.
  7. go Start then Run in XP - (Windows key plus R in Vista and Windows 7), then type in the following, including all the spaces:- cmd /k ipconfig /all -- then press Enter and from the black form that shows up, take a note of the numeric code beside the word "gateway" -- usually something like Type exit to close the black form.

    log into the Netgear

    setup your wireless security

    then disable DHCP and change the LAN IP to match the Gateway IP but ending in 253.

    finally connect one of the four LAN ports of the Netgear to the 2wire LAN port
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