Need to upgrade cpu and motherboard

I have a old am2 cpu and motherboard and an AMD Radeon 6570, and 4gb of ram and a 400w psu

i need to upgrade my cpu and motherboard, I will be gaming at 1080p but i dont need super high details.

I can spend about 140-160 but no more. For a motherboard I do NOT need one with all the extras, (dual bios, full atx, usb 3, sata 3(if anything i would want sata 3))

I have concluded my options are a sandy bridge pentium g850, an amd llano A6-3750/3570k, or the newer amd trinity A6 5400k (both APU's would use dual graphics with my 6570)

I have a cooler master 212 plus so some overclocking is okay. I know the trinity chip is the least powerful but it will also be more future proof with the new fm2 socket,(I can always upgrade to an a10 later on).

Which would you guys think would be the best for me?
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  1. if the 6570 can do hybrid crossfire which it should as its lower than a 6670, id go for the apu and more specifically trinity A8 to start as it'll be better than the A6 but a A6 trinity might beat a llano A8 so get trinity. the igpu on the A8s and A10s can play mw3 no prob with no discrete gpu. not sure on a motherboard as i havent looked much at the fm2 motherboards.,3304.html for trinity A8/A10 game performance at 1080p with just the igpu.
  2. Thanks what do you think the performance will be between the dual core A6 and the quad core A8 on trinity
  3. welll of course ull see less performance with the A6 as its a dual core which i forgot that llano A6s have a quad core and that trinity turned the A6 into the dual core. so in my last statement that trinity A6 might beat the llano A8 it prob wont lol. Id go for the A8 just cause its a quad core.
  4. Looking at benchmarks,3224-15.html
    It seems the difference is only about 20% while the price is about 30% more,
    I am new to PC gaming so will low settings be equivalent to xbox/ps3 but at 1080p not 720p. What is your minimum frame rate u can stand

    PS thanks for all the help
  5. i prefer 30fps to be playable like for bf3 minimal. of course i toyed with the settings from high preset to get higher, but the apus even with an A10 cant get bf3 even at low as the fps r at like 20 and yes low settings for most games like mw3/bf3 low settings its basically xbxo/ps3 quality. even if the performance is only 20% difference to the cost ratio a quad core is what recommended settings r for most modern games where a dual core is just making it or minimum requirements
  6. Thanks a lot I think that the A8 trinity is the best option. Too bad itl take me a couple of weeks to save up for it
  7. Where u buying the cpu and motherboard from? and which one exactly?
  8. cause the A8 5600k is only $20 less than the A10 5800k and i know how much u have to save to get the A8 but $20 is better to go for than to get the A8 and then get the A10.

    But my thought is get a Phenom II X4 965 from newegg there $90 , and a asus M5A78X M LX which is $60 from tigerdirect or newegg. giving u a better cpu and room to save for a better gpu, which a HD 7770 is best option for price

    the 965+M5A78X is within ur current budget and leaves u to save where the A10 setup will cost u at least $200 going with the 130 A10 and 60-70 motherboard
  9. Newegg or amazon
  10. I thought about the phenom ii x4 but i was reading on how many of the intel pentium chips perform about the same for almost 20 dollars less. Although its only dual core it does perform rather well for the 70 bucks, also it saves me money for the gpu.
  11. thats why the apu seemed like a good option because the dual graphics capabilities.
  12. well the pentium is only a dual core its just core per core faster than the older phenoms, but the phenoms are better than the fx cpus and personally id take a supposedly slower quad core over the SB pentium. It is a good option but since ull b getting an A8 or A10 or upgrading eventually a phenom quad core and mobo plus ur current gpu will last until u get enough to get a new gpu, plus it puts u in budget and getting the am3+ motherboard gives u option to go Piledriver, which phenom x4 and pile driver should perform better than a trinity apu, and hopefully a pentium.

    i3s compare better to the phenoms x4s than the pentium as the i3 is a dual core with HT, and a pentium isnt real future proof as lga 1155 is dead after ivy bridge, ur upgrade path there is only to an i5-i7.
  13. Ok I see there are many options, trinity, pentium, AM3+, I think ill wait see what black friday sales come. i totally forgot about phemons and AM3+ so thanks a lot for the help.
  14. np and black friday will prob get a great deal on new stuff but prob a phenom if it goes down wont be much as they go on sale around $80
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