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I am looking into buying a laptop and was wondering if a 2 GB graphics card is good? my intentions for the laptop would be to game ( Guild Wars 2, League of Legends and possibly Diablo III)
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  1. Well I'm not /too/ knowledgeable on laptop graphics cards, but I'm sure it'll be MORE than enough. Though is the GPU on that laptop sharing memory? Or is it a dedicated card with dedicated memory?
  2. It is not all in the memory it is more about what card is in the laptop! Here is the best resource I know of with info on laptop GPU
  3. Make sure you get a laptop that you can change or upgrade your GPU.
    Most of the laptops out there you will not be able to upgrade or even change it out. Just a 580m card is around $400.00 to $600.00 depending where you get it and those are the 1 GB of Vram.
    I know the Alien wear laptops you can upgrade or chang out. This is just food for thought. Good luck to you.
  4. There may be a possibility that an entry level GPU for laptop such as 520M which is really bad, does have 2GB of memory, so That's not good enough I believe. So what you need to tell me is what model is actually the GPU?
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