Anoying sound from nvidia 8800gts 512mb

Hello, i installed my video card but when i turn on my pc it makes this really anoying sound, like a loud wine. i didnt connect the 6 pin cable to the psu because i dont have 1, and the nvidia installer didnt found the card, and is already installed. so yea, i know i have to plug the cable, but even if i do, i guess my psu cant handle it, its a 250w psu. so i have to buy a 400-550w psu??
my pc is the followind:
intel pentium
hp pavilion a6400f
dual core processor e2200
psu 250w

i just want to play Grand theft auto 4
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  1. Check Tha Fan It May Need To Be Cleaned/Oiled Or Replaced, And Yes You Will Need A Better PSU, Otherwise You Should Be Fine Running GTA 4
  2. GTA4 isn't very well optimized. He'll be playing at medium/low settings if he wants at least 40FPS.

    Whine noise?
    It's hard to say. You can isolate it easier by quickly stopping fans with your finger or just listening closely to see where it's coming from.

    It might not even be a fan.

    Anyway, this PSU might be good enough:
  3. ok i just checked and it comes from the graphics card, i didnt conect the pcie cable, and today i replaced my psu for a 450w unnit, but it dosent have a pcie cable for the card, can i just cut wires from the molex? i have a pcie 6 pin cable, so a 6 pin and a molex dont match, so can i cut them? wire them togheter?
  4. oh and when i tried to install the card, it said "there is no card", or something like that, but now i have the 450w psu, but no matching cables
  5. fan dosent work, i didnt connect the 6 pin cable to the psu, and yes the noise comes from the card
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