Custom Rig Freezing up and unable to boot.

So, i built this rig mainly for gaming and fast web surfing.

My problem is that it'll freeze up multiple times in the day, and sometimes when the freezing happens and i try to reboot the computer, it'll try to boot up for about 3 to 5 seconds, and the shutdown. It wont even get to windows loading screen, Just the Asus motherboard screen.

I looked into a lot of things about the problem. My friends said it was most likely the ram. I use DDR2. Bought 2 new 2 gig sticks, strapped them in, and that didn't do a thing. Waste of money. So i hear that maybe the Motherboard is pooping out, or the Hard drive is going bad, or it could be the Power supply.

Now, about 2 years back, there was a lightning storm. Lightning hit near by, blowing out my surge protector some how, and frying my modem router. Since that happened, my computer was hardwired, and made the ethernet port fried. The computer actually indicates it not even being there.

I wanted to try a forum of people who were having similar problems. I unhooked my PS from the motherboard when it is unable to boot, and the PS seems to work just fine.

So hopefully some one can give me a direction of what i need!!!! I dont want to waste more cash!!! PLZ HELP!
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  1. The lightning strike makes me think it's the motherboard. Especially since it actually fried a component on the motherboard. Might be time to look at a new computer and a better surge protector.
  2. ^ That's true, if the lightning did manage to get past your surge protector and fry your ehernet port then chances are there is more damage than you may think.
    One option is for you to pick up a new mobo, and since it is an older model you will probably be able to get one at a good price. You may also be able to find a used mobo in good condition.
    Your second option, and probably not what you want, is to upgrade the whole pc..
    If you really want to be 100% sure you can download and run a RAM test software but since you have replaced them and the problem persists, I dont't believe you will find something new.
  3. No errors?
  4. Can u swap the PSU?

    Post your specs...

    RAM: with link please.
  5. Sounds like older PC, ...

    The CMOS battery may be low on power.

    I would try to replace the battery ... 2032CR model
  6. with your harddrive there are vendor tools and free tools to read the smart info of a hard drive. i would see if the hard drive is having an issue. with older pc or power supply you may have a cap that failing. you can try running open hardware monitor and watch your power supply voltages.
  7. sorry i should have posted the specs when i first posted!

    ATI HD Radion 5770 graphics

    AMD Phenom x3 8750 Black Edition

    ASUS M2N68-AM Plus. (Micro ATX)

    DDR2 4 gigs, equaling 4096 M bytes.

    The PS is by OCZ, its a 500 Watt!

    and a 500 gigs Hard Drive
  8. sorry, the PS is an OCZ600GXSSLI-R

    I no the ram is made by Corsair, but i dont have the packaging anymore.
  9. Once again, im sorry, i just realized it was a 600Watt PS.

    I tryed the new battery in the motherboard, that didnt do anything :(
  10. A damaged psu may possibly cause random restarts or shutdowns it may also cause problems during power up. I really don't think it will cause your pc to freeze though. If you check your BIOS you may see the voltage it is supplying your system if you have such an option. The fact that your ethernet port was fried is an indication thet the mobo was damaged. You should by all means check all other possibilities but I wouldn't waste good money after bad on other hardware..
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