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I recently purchased an HPE h8-1214 Desktop computer, you can look @ the specs here if needed

My question is - I recently purchased a HD Radeon 6770, I went to plug in my graphics card and everything slipped into it's slot as usual, but I came to the problem that I have no adapter from the Power supply to plug directly into the graphics card to power it.

My previous Gateway had this exact Radeon working fine, the only difference is there was a white 3 prong extension inside my CPU, that I could easily plug my adapter into, which then plugs directly into the 6-prong power slot for the Graphics card

How should I go about fixing this?
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  1. You can probably buy the Molex to PCIE Power adapters from newegg (that's what I'm assuming you're talking about) those wide connecters that have 4 pins inside, that converts into a more modern-looking 6 pin connector.

    Though you're more than likely better off getting a new PSU (sorry to burst your bubble..) I'm not sure how much power your old computer's PSU had, but 6770's are gonna need at least a 400w PSU (to be safe at least) as much as I know.
  2. Should buy a power supply that supports it rather than using an adapter. The power supply is the most important part of your PC and when you buy premade, they are generally garbage.
  3. Not so much "garbage" in terms of quality, but they do tend to be inadequate in terms of a substantial upgrade.
  4. Wasnt trying to put him down. He didnt build it. Only time a premade has a decent PSU if its one of those where you choose the parts and the person knows that the PSU is the most important part of any PC.
  5. A Molex To PCI-E Adapter, If You Really Want I Can Just Mail You One.
  6. My problem is that there is no where to connect the Molex adapter, does this mean I will have to purchase a new PSU that will support this card?
  7. YES.
    Make sure it's a normal ATX power supply (probably) and then go to newegg, ncix etc and get a Corsair or Antec power supply.

    Get something like the above which is on sale for $45 after MIR.
  8. Yes. If there isn't any Molex connectors from the PSU, a new one is needed. It's advisable to upgrade even if there was as they generally don't provide adequate power.

    Here's one for 60$.
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