Upgrading a Samsung RV511 Graphics card for gaming

i have a samsung rv511 and i want to start gaming on it is it possible to up grade the graphics card

processor: intel(r) core(TM)i3 CPU m380 @2.53 ghz
Installed memory ( ram) 4.00 ( 3.80 gb usable)
system type 54 bit operatiinig system
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  1. laptops, in general dont have a graphics card. They use a graphics chip that is soldered on to the motherboard, and there is no expansion slot for a card. In your case with intel Hd graphics, I believe the graphics are integrated into the cpu..so basically no, you cant upgrade the graphics. The exception to this is some very high end, custom laptops.
  2. That laptop uses an integrated GPU (Intel HD) that is part of the Core i3 CPU. The machine does not have a slot for a graphics card. These GPUs are designed for multimedia playback at resolutions as high as 1080p. They are not designed as gaming GPUs.


    The laptop itself does not have a slot to add or even upgrade the GPU, since it is part of the CPU architecture. These integrated GPUs are even in some smaller format desktops.

    Some laptops do have gaming capable GPUs that can handle gaming integrated into the system or via MXM format (discrete) slot/cards that allow for later upgrades. Some have both integrated and discrete cards to allow for both lower power draw when needed or that extra horsepower required for gaming. But not the Samsung RV511. That partcular laptop was not designed/purposed for gaming. Multimedia playback and general web/office use are its sweetspot.
  3. cna i change the chipset or motherbord in it since i cant put in a grahpics card
  4. No. You might be able to upgrade to a faster processor. But that machine was designed to run on integrated graphics. It was not designed for gaming or upgradability.
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