Dumb Question: New Build won't come up on Plasma TV

This is a SUPER dumb question but I want to make sure everything is working normally. :ange:

So I just put together a fresh new build that includes the GTX 670. It's currently hooked up via HDMI to my Plasma TV. NOTHING is loaded on the PC. I turned the switch on, hoping to see the POST and be able to play with the BIOS. However, nothing comes up except the blue standby screen on my Plasma.

Am I correct to understand that I'll need a computer monitor in the interim since the Plasma can't display low resolutions (either because it can't handle those resolutions or because of HDCP/HDMI handshake issues)?

Or perhaps I have to go get a DVi-to-VGA adapter and an old school VGA cable to hook up to the TV - at least during this initial setup phase?

Sorry again...haven't built a PC in almost a decade! :ange:
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  1. There's no daft questions here at tom's! - were learning ALL the time :)

    Is you tv set to the connected hdmi lead? (damnit, it's not a daft question - many tvs have, like, billions of connections lol)

    Does your 670 have multiple hdmi out's - try another (one might be the default)

    Try connecting to a standard pc monitor - just to prove everything's ok and you can actually see the bios boot info.

    I'm not aware of any problems in using plasma's with pc's (I'm fairly sure there's none).
  2. Hmm... the HDMI is connected to my Receiver. The same port/plug was previously connected to my Xbox 360.

    Is it strange that I didn't get a video signal via HDMI? I could see the GTX 670 fan going, so clearly it's getting power from the 2 PCI-E 6-pin connectors. Again, there's no OS or anything on there so I don't know if that plays a factor.

    I actually don't own a traditional computer monitor...all laptops/tablets in the house. However, I think my Plasma TV (Panasonic GT25) has a VGA connector in the back. I will try that using the DVI-to-VGA adapter tonight... but please let me know if you still think that no image via HDMI is strange.
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