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Hey there, I am upgrading my graphics card tomorrow, or soon after, and I was wondering whats a good card for gaming in the price rage of 300-350$?

I was looking at

I have a 500 W power supply which is also the minimum recommended. Would this run on my computer?

Here is my motherboard model. It is AMD.

Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
Model GA-A75M-D2H (Socket M2)
Chipset Vendor AMD

My CPU is AMD A6-3650 Quad Core

8GB of RAM if it matter :o

Thanks. :bounce:

Also, is there a better card out there in that price range I said above?

I am looking to upgrade because I am on a Radeon 3600 lol... not going to cut it anymore.
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  1. The 7850 is an amazing card for 250$ I highly recommend it. However, I would either get the Sapphire or Gigabyte versions.
  2. If your price range is up to $350 I would get the 7870.
  3. Im gonna guess that your power supply isnt very good since you state its a 500 w one that meets minimal requirements. Thats a good way to blow out your PC. Generally low end PSUs have a tendency when they go, to take everything with it. Get a quality PSU, Seasonic, XFX, Corsair before you buy any GPU. Not a piece of crap.
  4. I heard that XfX is one of the top brans is it not?
  5. He is saying that because it is the minimal requirement listed for the card on manufacturers website although asking the brand is a good idea.

    Posted without refreshing.
    The XFX brand is one of the best so yes it's fine.
  6. Is the Saphire one better?? if it is then I dont mind, but how about for a power supply? is it a good price for the 750 W? and how easy are power supplys to install? i am not tech savvy and have never done it before
  7. If your current PSU is an XFX I would stick with that unless you want to run CF.
  8. It is a 500W Turbolink, came with my PC. would I buy a cheap 90$ 650W one? I really dont know how to mess with all the cords that come with the higher end ones
  9. Shouldn't I get one over 600 W though?
    and preferably one that doesn't have a ton of wires that wont fit anywhere

    edit: would

    would this work? is it a reliable brand? reviews seem good
  10. This one is fully modular and is 550 W which is more than enough for just one GPU.
    The 7870 uses 170w at load and this PSU is more than enough power for that.
  11. Going cheap on a PSU is not the way to go. Said it before. Can get a good quaility one for a bit more than the cheap ones, spend the cash and then you dont have to worry about your PSU dying and taking out all your hardware.
  12. Oops sorry forgot to say that Rosewill isn't the best brand, far from it.
    I only look at these brands (in no specific order) Antec, OCZ, PC Power & Cooling, SeaSonic, XFX and corsair.
  13. Thanks for all the tips, just one more thing then I know what I need and I'm done, is the extra money worth the performance boost with the 7850 vs 7870 ?

    and how hard is it to replace your PSU? I have never done it before
  14. I personally don't believe it is that hard replacing the PSU because I have done it quit a few times. With that 550w modular one it should be pretty easy. Your HDD have one SATA power connector along with the Optical drives. Your motherboard has one main connector (20/24 pin connector) and another one for your CPU cooler fan (4/8 pin connector). Depending on your case you may also have some fans connected to the PSU by molex/peripheral connectors. Lastly the GPU will have one or two (one for 7850 two for 7870) PCI-E connectors.

    You can decide if you think the 7870 is worth the increase in price over the 7850. The 7870 performs close to the 580 and the 7850 performs similar to the 570.,3148.html
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    I never mentioned which of the cards I would get.

    If it is the 7850 I would get this one

    and then this 7870

    Sapphire is one of the best brands out there and their cards (of these two) seem to have better coolers for the price.
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