Low Fps in Games, possibly bad mobo

hello ill start by saying my specs,
amd x4 ii phenom 965 black edition @3.4
gskill ddr2 4gb 800hmz
msi k9a2-platinum 790fx mobo (top of the line)
msi gt 440 ddr3 1gb
320gb caviar black
antec high curreny gamer 620m
antec 900

ok so i used to hav a 900 wat psu which went bad and an amd 64 x2 6400+@3.2, i recenyl upgraded, and i also went through a extremly slow install of windows (also many time before on this same computer) and i though that having my new psu would fix that, now i finally got windows and play bf3 and minecraft, my fps seem to be lower than they shoudl be, minecraft is like 30-40 at max at my 1200*1024 resoulistuin and bf3 is olny like 20-30 on low at that same resoulution in the sp. i think my mobo might be bad since of my problems i had in the past and the slow install of windows, i know their cant be anything wrong with my new psu, gpu, or cpu
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  1. You're using a 440 gt, I'm not sure what you were expecting with it, but those numbers don't seem low to me.
  2. +1 for trapper. the GT440 sucks and is old. it definitely can't play BF3 at anything more than minimum settings. i don't see why you could possibly think you need a 900W PSU. with your hardware, you would be more than fine with 400W. the PSU doesn't affect performance at all. if you didn't have enough watts, your system would just shut down, not perform poorly. you wasted 150$ on that PSU which could have been put towards a better GPU which would solve your problem. it's not your motherboard, it's the crappy GPU sitting on top of it. you can get a great deal on a GTX 560 right now. specifically at NCIX.ca. (ships to Canada only)

    the slow windows installation was most likely just you. for example; if you set the microwave for 1 minute and you sit there and watch it, it feels like you waited for 10 minutes. if you set it for 1 minute and do something else during that 1 minute, it feels like 10 seconds. it all depends on what you are doing/thinking.

    your system is fine. it's performing just like it should with your listed specs. you should probably do a little more research on computers to learn a bit more.
  3. i had the 900 wat because i got a great deal on it, and i used to have a 4870 which burned out, the 900watt went bad possibly damaging my motherboard with it
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