Ati Xfx r7850 Problem Black Screen Stops Working Tried Alot to Fix Issue


the new Freshly install r7850 Core Edition 2gb is Having Major issues Or a Typical Driver Problem! Thanks Again Ati

Tried with every driver 12.2 12.3 12.4beta And Results where....

Runs for few Seconds some Times minutes if your lucky then i Get a Unresponsive Black Screen, After Rebooting Screen Will go Black And Unresponsive Even Faster, I Tried Registry Fixes, Disabling & Uninstalled Sound Auto Drivers And Disabling Audio on Card, switching out power supplies & Pci-E Slots Still Nothing All Software drivers Up To Date

Whats Going on Drivers Issue Im Guessing Or Bad Card Might Be Sending It Back If the Issue Is not Resolved in 30 days of Purchase those Are My Conclusion and substantiation


Os / Windows 7 64bit
Processor / E8400
Mainboard / Tpower I45
PSU / Tr2 RX 850w
Memory / 4GB Ocz
Monitor / SyncMaster 205bw
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  1. Do you do a clean install of the driver?

    Yeah, maybe the card is bad itself, Is it having issues on other system?
  2. Clean install of all Drivers and used Driver Sweeper

    I'm Thinking The Drivers Are Whats doing it cause i played a game for a min or 2 real quick and it played maxed out real nice then pc restarted or monitor gos out
  3. Could be overheating of components, or maybe power supply?
  4. Update: 12.3 stock Card Drivers Seem to work longest But im Getting a Blue Screen Error after a Few Min :(
  5. refillable said:
    Could be overheating of components, or maybe power supply?

    Tried 2 different power supplies still nothing also, i doubt its any thing over heating seems like faulty drivers when i enable low Res in windows seems to run ok till i boot up a game then hte res changes and it will crash, Restart, go Black "unresponsive screen", or Get the Blue Screen
  6. Did u do a fresh install of windows?
  7. mitunchidamparam said:
    Did u do a fresh install of windows?

    Lol and why would one have to do a Fresh Install of windows for a Graphics Card to Work properly? Come on!

    If i have to do that then its going back to where it came from

    All my other Graphics Cards Work Fine have a ATi and a Nvidia Card No problems there....

    Alot of people are having the same problem its a Windows issue or a Ati issue thats what it boils down to, so some one from either party better get on it quick or they are going to have some bad Reviews And Angry Customers to deal with

    i had a big problem with Ati in the past with there drivers, kept getting a red light on my card, every one was saying no its this no its that and they where all wrong it was the manufacturer and there Crappy excuse for drivers, after a month or 2 they finally addressed the issue or it magically fixed its self either way i'm about to give up and switch to the other brand cause im sick of there Negligence if i don't hear from them within the next few days i will never go back to them.
  8. well its official no one knows Whats going on i just bought a Brand new GTX 560 wouldn't even boot up Sent my ati 7850 back to where it came from now im having more issues with the GTX...... just great im about to give up completely and say screw upgrading my Pc im about done with Computers they really Suck or im having the worst luck going to swap it out for a different one tomorrow Wish me luck People
  9. strange... Something must be wrong in your PC, if both 2 cards are having issues. Are you sure other components are fine? Such as RAM, Motherboard, CPU, etc? Maybe it's not purely the GPU?
  10. why would my old card work fine then it dont make sense

    update:!!!! Got the GTX560 i bought from best buy to work with older drivers but i keep getting a Display Crash in windows when playing games i did manage to get BF3 to work for almost a hour no other games will boot up get a crash back to windows desktop and will say some time graphics display error windows has recovered from a display CRASH
  11. ?????

    BIOS Update on motherboard??.

    Maybe your motherboard didn't like newer cards...
  12. did the m/b update already
  13. can you try different motherboard?
  14. Try a different pci-e slot and see if it makes any difference.
  15. Solved!!!!!!

    Went to best buy got a GTX560 didnt work went back one more time cause if any one knows me i wont take no for a answer Got a ATI R6770 Works just fine thank you god its not my Mother-Board was Freaking out over this whole Issue So im guessing the bigger Cards wont work for my system ATM till they fix the issue what ever it maybe

    going to order up another 7850 in a month when newer drivers come out and go from there thanks to every one for trying to help Much Love & Peace God bless
    ill Stay Posted if the issue Happens again in the future Thanks Again!... Masta M is out Got some Gaming to do Without FPS issues BooYah!!!!!
  16. Cool!!
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