My computer is crashing randomly

The other day I went out to my van to get my Tower and when I opened the trunk it fell out. I brought it into the house and opened it, and everything looked ok. When I started it up, about 1-3 minutes afterwards it would crash. It did this over and over until I reseated the cooler. Everything seemed normal again, until after about 10 minutes of gameplay (any game), it would crash. I reseated my GPU + reinstalled the drivers, however I still get the same error.

A while back, I'd check my 'Windows Rating' periodically, and all of them were in the '6.0-6.9' range except for my hard disk usage (always been like that [not relative]). Today I went in and looked, and my Processor and Memory was rated 5.4. I reseated my cpu and my memory, refreshed the windows rating, and then my processor and memory went from 5.4, to 5.1. A few minutes ago I reseated them once again, and now it's back to 5.4.

Note: Not sure if this is relevant to the issue, but I updated my bios earlier today

I honestly have no idea what the issue is, but I'm getting aggravated at the problem.

Here are some images which contain images of my specifications:

Thanks in advance for any help! I greatly appreciate it!
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  1. when you reseat the cpu cooler did you clean the old paste put new cooling paste between the cpu and cooler base also that the cooler is well fix to the motherboard since you got 57 c hope that is not at idle
  2. i would also reseat the cpu.if the heat sink fell off it may have pulled the cpu from sitting flush on all the pins.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm gonna go buy some thermal paste later today and see what that does.
  4. that will lower you cpu temp be better contact with cpu and cooler
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