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Air conditioner = Condensation (Water Damage) to Computer?

Last response: in Components
October 4, 2012 3:34:05 AM

I am very paranoid about this... and a little confused.

Is turning on the air conditioner bad for the hardware in my computer due to condensation?

I live in a really small single-room (dorm at college) and it gets a little hot in my room if I don't have the AC on. I live in Chicago, so it's usually cold outside.

My desktop is NOT placed right next to my AC vent; however, since it's a small room, you can say that my desktop is sort of close to the vent.

I really want to get this straight, so I'll never have to be paranoid about this issue again:

Can turning on the air conditioner cause condensation (water damage) to the components of my computer?
October 4, 2012 3:54:53 AM

condensation best forms on cold surfaces in humid hot temperature,
there nothing cold inside PC case to condense so you are safe

you can use computers outside in freezing cold weather no problem
as far as i know the only way to create condensation inside PC is to bring it from freezing cold weather inside humid hot room,