Power Supply keeps dying

my ultra 750w power supply just died. i have had 3 in the past 4 years. now i don't know what is causing them to die. my system specs are:

3 sata hard drives
2 dvd burners
1 mia echo pci audio card
1 asus 450 nvidia card
amd phenom quad core 2.2ghz with foxconn motherboard
8gb ddr2 ram

i usually unplug my surge protector when i leave. wonder if doing this every day could cause problems with the power supply?

i do this as a safety measure. the ultra power supply that died out puts 45 amps on 1 12v rail.

i am looking at getting this one to replace it...


this is the one i had that just died.


any all help with this is greatly appreciated.

i do game some. burnout paradise, batman arkham aslyum and need for speed hot pursuit II, fifa 2010. i also do a lot of video editing. some hd some not.

i really could use some help with this as i am tired of replacing the power supply.
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  1. I would begin to suspect a faulty surge protector. Or perhaps your area has poor electrical power stability. What part of the world are you in? Jonny Guru has one of the best review sites for PSUs: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Review_Cat&recatnum=13
  2. ultra is bad. the ocz is mediocre

    get this. from what i see, you dont need more than 550w in your rig. if my one 550w unit can supply 44a into the 12v rail, you can already tell that the ultra is not a true 750w unit
  3. You need to buy a good power supply. Ultra is a crap brand. Spend a few dollars more and get the corsair Enthusiast series TX-650. It'll cost around 80, but it's so worth it.
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