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I have a xspc raystorm rs240 and was gonna use a silver coil with distilled water and colored tubing do I need pt nuke/copper sulfate too or is the distilled water and silver coil enough for anti microbial action? Thanks for looking and any input would be fantastic!
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  1. You can just use distilled water (from Wal-Mart)
    Kill Coil and PT Nuke do the same thing essentially. A kill coil is a piece of .999 silver that keeps bacteria/algae from growing in your loop. PT Nuke is Copper Sulphate (or something like that) and does the same thing, but is just two drops of liquid mixed in. They are practically necessities.
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    I have the Raystorm rs360 kit and all I'm running is Distilled Water and a Kill coil, no issues so far. You could do both PT Nuke and Kill-coil, but from what I have gathered either is sufficient on their own.
  3. Your making me worried for you please read this thread you should know the answers to these questions your asking before you try and water cool you need to learn these things bud. ;)
  4. I have plenty of PC building experience, just haven't done a proper water cooling set up yet because the cost/performance was too high. I'm building a new PC with Asrock z77 ex4/3770k in a silver 600t. Ive built a q6600 q9550 i3540 (htpc) i7920 (Current rig). I change hardware often and love making custom pc's. I had a simple question and was on the right your comments on my skills are not needed, troll someone else, this is like my first question on Tom's. I did look for info i just couldn't find a definitive answer.
  5. I think you misunderstood me i was not commenting on your skills i was commenting on basic things you should know before attempting to custom water cooling that's all.
  6. No worries, thanks for all the responses and your link was great. I just want to make the right choice, cause I've seen some of the horror stories. I like simple and distilled water with a silver coil is easy peasy and just seemed too good to be true. :)
  7. Cool be sure to post pictures of you watercooling build everybody would appreciate it as well
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  9. Also consider UV Cathodes for anti-gloop duties, safe effective and looks good
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