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Can I run my system on 250 watts PSU?? - check my configuration

My PC specs are :
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 GHz
MoBo: ASUS M2N68 AM+
PSU: iBall LPE-223 400 ( 250 WATTS )
Temp control: 2 Fans
HDD: WD 320 GB
GPU: Integrated graphics NVIDIA 7025 [ 512 MB ]

Can i run ATI radeon HD 5670 / 6670 DDR3 with my current configuration. Problem is my PSU [250 watts] and don't want to upgrade.
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  1. Simple answer is no.
  2. Can you please tell me that my PC specs are good or bad for gaming
    If so what should i get.
  3. You should be able to run all that; the 5670 uses a Max of 75w being a pcie only card and I can't imagine the rest of your system using over 150w. Gaming..... light gaming and don't count on a high resolution and you should be OK. If your psu fails its always good to upgrade but should work for now
    what would your budget be for an upgrade?
  4. OK. And what configuration do i need to run recent games on medium settings??
  5. It depends on your resolution and gaming needs. What resolution are you playing on
  6. Also I'd run at least a piix4 955 or i3 2100 with a 5770/6850 to run well on medium and some high.

    this website says that my PSU [iBall LPE 223 400 ] is of 400watts.
    is it true????
  8. You will be fine with the setup you previously stated with that psu. The only issue I'd see is it isn't a reputable brand so it might not have a true 400w output but in your case you'd need 230w at most so you're good
  9. I want to run games like BattleField3 on resolution from 1024x768 to 1280x720.
    what stuff do i need to run this???
  10. Best answer
    1024x768 you will be able to run bf3 just fine on that setup. Just fine. Happy gaming
  11. Aim for a 6670 GDDR5!
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  13. Thank you FlintIronStagg.
    You made it easy.
  14. No prob, I just tell it like it is
  15. FlintIronStagg said:
    No prob, I just tell it like it is

    Overworking a $3 OEM psu, cant wait to watch it burn out, I give it 2 weeks.
  16. That psu is really about 280w as per the manufacturer info provided.op will use about 200w. It will be fine
  17. FlintIronStagg said:
    That psu is really about 280w as per the manufacturer info provided.op will use about 200w. It will be fine

    Okie Dokie, When the op's rig takes a crap you are to blame.
  18. Its op's choice to not upgrade, I would recommend getting a cx430 or 380w ew..... but he wants to know if it will run on that psu... and it will. I'm sure after the things we've covered he is well aware that he needs a reputable brand but in the meantime it should be able to supply that low amount of power
  19. Sorry, I am late.
    But the card worked perfectly and games too.
    Thanks FlintIronStagg ! :D
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