Installed Graphics card and psu problem

Hello, I put in a thermaltake tr2 430w psu in my computer as well as a Radeon r6670 graphics card.
When I try and power it up it appears to be running fine no beeps all fans running on cpu psu fan,but my monitor gets nothing. just stays in standby mode like i never hooked it up. I've tried the same monitor on another pc and worked fine.

Additionally i put my old psu and crappy graphics card back in and everything boots up fine now. Do you think its a doa psu or card or did I miss a few steps. any help will be much appreciated it
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  1. Did a bit more testing now tried new psu with old graphics card and it boots up. so basically narrowed it down to either ive done something wrong installing new card,or the new card was doa again any help would be greatly appreciated
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