Help Identifying my PC Case Front Panel issue

So I've had this case about 14 months and I got it built at a local computer shop. It has a smaller than usual front panel piece with 2xUSB, 1 mic, 1 headphone jack on it. The headphone jack has stopped working and I would like to replace the part. I asked them about this part and they have no idea what part it is and can't order one for me. I am NOT a computer guru but I have searched all over for this part on different sites and cannot find it. While searching I found this site and it seems like experts here can identify anything, so here goes...

I have included these links to photos of the computer case front, side, back, and a closeup shot of the front panel component that I need.

Case front:

Case back:

Case side:


The case dimensions are 16.25" tall, 18.25" front to back and 8" wide. The panel is 3.75" from side to side and about 7/8" top to bottom. I have no idea what brand this case or panel is.
If anyone can help me find this part, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks so much!
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  1. Hello,

    Do you know what exact case that is? You could try contacting that case manufacturer to see if you could buy a spare front panel - it should be around 10$ or less.

    Edit: The tech shop you bought it from should know exactly what case it is, maybe give them a call.
  2. This would fit in your 5.25" drive bay:

    If you cannot find the case model/name.

    It might have some extra connectors that you cannot use, however at least it has the mic and audio + USB ports.
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    I don think you will ever find a replacement part. Even if you had the exact name and manufacturer of the case chances are they dont have spare parts. I had a similar problem with a very old antec case and was told they no longer stock or have the up front USB connector.

    I got one of these like 2 years ago. It works great.

    or ebay for around $15.00.

    If you decide to get something like this just look at the connectors before you buy some use minijacks that pass out a vent, or PCI slot and into the audio jacks on the back of the computer.
  4. I'd consider a cheap USB-based Sound Card myself.
  5. Xenturion said:
    I'd consider a cheap USB-based Sound Card myself.

    Good idea... this thing is $1.30... at that price point you got nothing to lose to try it.
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  7. Thanks to all who helped me. There is no manufacturer or any type of identifying marks on this computer case whatsoever, so I am left with no way to replace the original audio jack/usb front panels with identical replacement parts.

    The case accessories/panels suggested by you experts all look very good. The suggestion by bucknutty to check the connectors before buying was a great tip and I'm so glad it was suggested because I don't want wayward wild wires everywhere and the whole point was to get the audio jacks working and not create more problems with connectivity issues.

    Thanks to all who answered with such experience. You are valued as a community of helpful and experienced gurus with all the right answers. You rock!
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