New CPU/Motherboard for a CM5570 ASUS

Hey guys,

Awhile back I made a post on here stating I was upgrading my CPU/Motherboard. Well I never did, but now I am for sure with my next paycheck. Since that post is older, and most items suggested are out of stock or discontinued, i'd like to make this new topic for new suggestions.

So right now im using a cm5570 asus. Id give you a link but the Asus website isnt showing it for some reason.

I added a 650w Power supply, a couple fans, and a 560 TI nvidia graphics card. Along with 8 GB of ram. Whats lacking is my CPU/Motherboard. Which i never changed since i bought it.

CPU is a Pentium(R) Dual Core 2.60 GHz

Im not looking to spend too much (around 200 dollars if possible). I just need a combo that will work well with my good graphics card. (I dont need to overclock or anything)

Was looking for maybe a Asus motherboard that supports a AMD quad core and some DDR3 Ram?

Only reason I say Asus/Amd is because thats what i was looking at awhile back, im open for all combo suggestions on good ones for gaming/price.

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