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HD7750 worth buying or not

Dear All,

Presently i own a PC with following specs

AMD Phenom II X2 Black (overclocked to X4 B555)
ASUS motherboard M4A7LT-M-LE with 1 GB internal GFX
4GB DDR3 RAM -1333
450w PSU (without 6-PIN power connector required for external graphic cards)

As you can see that i do not have a separate power connector to connect the GPU like HD 6770, 6750 or 6850. So I was thinking to go for HD7750 so that i may not have to go for replacing my PSU.

So what is your advise, should I go for HD7750 which is worth RS.7800 (around $156) in India or should i purchase a HD6770+new PSU which will cost me around Rs.10000 ($200).
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    In that case I would go for the HD7750.
  2. No, don't waste your money to buy a new PSU.
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