Big GPU, almost too big for a case I want, should I get a bigger case?

I plan to get an Antec Three Hundred for a computer case. It seems like a good case for the price. I believe it is the highest rated case at newegg, too. It has 5 out of 5 for a rating with nearly 2,200 reviews and ratings.

The GPU I plan to get is a Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950. It is 11.4 inches long. That Antec case can hold a GPU up to 12 inches long. It might have space beyond 12 inches by just a bit, I think the guy from Antec told me it is about 12.4 inches, but you wouldn't want a GPU that is any longer than 12 inches; a card that long would barely fit in there.

So with this GPU I want being 11.4 inches long, I have about a half an inch to an inch max of space. Is this cutting it too close? Should I get a bigger case? My concern is that it'll be hard working with wires; working them around the GPU.
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  1. Yeah it will be tight but it should fit, you will just block the hard drive cage and not be able to mount a drive in the same space as the card.

    You should just get the Antec Three Hundred Two instead, it's a few dollars more but it has a bit more space, the hard drive cage is oriented normally, and you also get USB 3.0
  2. case vendor have done two fixes for long cards.
    one they dont put a hard drive tray where the video cards line up.
    or the hard drive trays are broken into two removable trays.
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