Unresolved SB noise problem

OK, I have read about all the problems with the SB cards, but I think my problem is different. I get a 2-3 second "buzzing" noise right before my wave sounds go into what I will call hibernation mode.
Example: I am using a Windows sound scheme, and everything is fine as long as I am making sounds. But if I stop (and Windows dosen't use/cause any sounds) this "buzzing" noise comes from my (Altec Lansing ACS45) speakers.
The same amount of inactivity (or quiet time) passes before the 2-3 second buzzing noise. It's like, if the speakers don't hear a sound signal for about 45 seconds , they go into a hibernation mode. Right before that is when I hear the buzzing noise.
Also, when I mute the wave volume, I dont hear the buzzing noise (or any normal sounds).
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Dr. K
400w PSU in Antech Case
AMD 1.200 T-Bird (266 FSB)
Alpha PAL35 Heatsink w/YS Tech Fan
256 MB PC-133 Kingston ValueRam
WD 40 GB hard drive (7200 RPM)
Aopen 1232 CDR/W
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 32MB DDR (AGP Slot)
SB Live 5.1 + MP3 (PCI 4)
Pinnacle DV200 video capture card (PCI 2)
KDS Rad-5 LCD Monitor
Toshiba USB cable modem
Microsoft USB keyboard pro
Paperport Strobe & HP printer (LPT1)
Windows ME
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  1. My first suggestion is always to try another circuit to plug your speakers into. Try a couple of different wall sockets and see if it helps.

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  2. Usually if you have your speakers in one socket, and your computer in another, it's more likely to cause a problem than if they're in the same socket. But it's definitely worth trying.

    BTW, the SB Live! 5.1 + MP3 is exactly the same card as the Platinum, X-Gamer and OEM models. The X-Gamer has different software, OEM has no software (except for the drivers), and the Platinum has the Live!Drive with remote and some software from both MP3 and X-Gamer.

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