Which case should i buy?

I currently have a CoolerMaster 690 2 ADV case. but i want to replace it with a silent gaming case so i have chosen these 2 and now i am stuck




one if the corsair obsidian 550d, and other is an antec p280, i read reviews and stuff, both are really nice cases and i would be fine with either of them.

now the problem i had with the 690 2 adv i have right now is that i cant close the back when i route my 24pin connector to the back and connect it to my motherboard. which of these 2 cases has more space in the back? i dont really get what measurements do cause it seems irrelevant to me.

also should i replace my h70 with a h100?? i have an intel i7 2600k no overclock.
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  1. The Corsair Obsidian 550d is a full 2" wider than the Antec which should translate to more room behind the mobo for cable management. I do not know this for a fact since I have no first hand experience with either case but that would be my assumption.
    No real need to replace the H70 if your temps are okay. Even with some overclocking, you should be fine. You could do a push/pull configuration on the H70 (if you haven't already) with quieter fans.
  2. Go with the 550, give it a try. I had a p280 and it is a relatively warm case. I was never happy with it. Onternal component fans would ramp up negating the whole quiet case selling point.

    Honestly, my PC is quieter now that I went with silent low speed fans and better airflow in the HAF-X, than when I was running a "silent" PC in the P280 case.


    GTX580 w/ stock cooler
    Core i7 920 w/ Noctua NH-D14 (also two other high end coolers, none ever really doing the job)

    Cable management plays a large part in airflow and it just never was clean enough for my tastes in the P280.
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