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Hey guys, I am thinking of getting a HD6870. Wondering if Cooler Master 500w Extreme Plus PSU would be enough.
At this moment I have

4 gigs RAM
HD 4850 512mb

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  1. It should be able to run it.

    However.... be aware the cooler master extreme power plus series are pretty poor PSUs
  2. that is a barely adequate PSU.
    "Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500 W is the perfect example to explain why maximum power isn’t everything. . . . We can’t recommend this power supply, however if you are really on a budget this may be an option until you have money to buy a decent power supply for your PC."

    it will handle it but you really need to get a better quality PSU.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply sir. One last question.
    Which would be better to get from these two PSUs and would any of them suffice?

    Corsair GS 500
    Corsiar CX 600

    Both are for almost the same price.

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    Corsair gs500 is considered higher quality + longer warranty. So I'd suggest you get it since it's more than enough for your HD6870.
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