Need advice on PSU and MOBO

hi I'm just wondering is it safe to plug in two 4-pin plugs to my MOBO from my PSU

both plug fit perfectly together but I only recently swapped this PSU and my older PSU only had 1 4 pin plug my comp works fine with 1 4-pin plug but i'm wondering if my CPU won't get enough power.

My mobo is an old H55 GD 65 OC genie model
my PSU is a Cougar st600 600watts

so far i have no problem with my games except that my CPU is operating at a 105 C whenever i play dunno why i have a new CPU fan and nothings wrong with the processor gave it a good clean with an air blower and its been running fine like this for about 5 years.
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  1. I'm surprised it works without the second 12V input. If a board has two square four pin 12V connectors, it is expecting both to be connected to the PSU.

    Your CPU operating temp is disturbing. 105C is beyond the maximum safe range. You may need to apply some new thermal paste.
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    The CPU will work fine with the 4 pin but of 8 is offered its best to use. The temp can be a thermal compound issue. Reapply some thermal paste and see what that does for your temps
  3. thanks will buy some now.
    just finished cleaning my cpu fan and the temps actually dropped to 33C on Idle but when i turn on witcher 2 it sort of jumps from 33C to 40C then its just a losing battle from there the temps go up to like 60 to 80C in under a minute then holds at 105C.

    I am certain i placed it right and there's nothing hitting the darned thing there's a good deal of space around the CPU fan.
  4. thanks for the help i think its the cpu fan probably need a new one.

    Connected the second 12v 4-pin plug and the cpu shows 22watts to 73 W fluctuation on the hardware monitor rather than fluctuating from 11watts to 73watts whenever i run an app. is this normal?
  5. If the fan is running it isn't the fan
    Try blowing the dust out of the heat sink and reapplying thermal compound
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