Can i upgrade the Intel(R) HD Graphics in my laptop?

ive had this laptop (Acer Aspire 5742) for roughly 8 months now and i have gotten into a bit of pc gaming ive been able to run multiple games however i want to play some higher end games my procsessor and RAM are fine and will last me for my needs but the intel(R) HD graphics dont cut it i want to know if theirs a shop or a way to upgrade the graphics card.
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  1. Sorry, you're out of luck. Laptop graphics generally aren't upgradable, except in few high-end gaming laptops like alienware for $3000. Yours isn't an exception either.
  2. not really, no.
  3. No. But somewhat... You can, but with big hassle. You can get a Vidock Take a look at it, maybe you're interested. But you must to Make sure your laptop has a 34mm PCI-E expansion slot though.
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