Can I run SLI with a GTX 560 non ti and a GTX 560 ti?

As the title says, please give me some thought, also how much Watts would I need for two 560 cards running SLI?
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  1. You cannot SLI them together. They are different chips. Also, you'd need 620-650W quality unit for that SLI to be safe.
  2. alright thank you
  3. Even it can SLI, it's very silly to run them both because the performance will be also like 560 non-ti SLI (Because the higher performing card usually match the lower performing card in performance when SLI-ed or Crossfired), In my opinion, if you're planning for SLI, just get two of the same card (preferably same model too, not must but).

    To be save, I recommend at least a ~650W PSU with at least 50A on the +12V rail and also with four PCI-E (6 or 6+2) connector.
  4. Well GTX 570 and GTX 580 are also same architecture, yet you cannot SLI them together. It's not crossfire, where it work.
  5. Oh really? can you confirm that with some evidence please? thanks!
  6. Well, I haven't tried it myself, but nvidia says so:

    Can I mix and match graphics cards that have different GPUs?

    No. For example, an XXXGT cannot be paired with a XXXGTX in an SLI configuration.
  7. officially is not supported, so with official driver from nvidia is not gonna happen. but there is community modded driver, that can enable some different type of the same family chip could be work in SLI, though again is not supported.
  8. Thanks! I got a nice information here, :). I edited my old posts.
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