New modem Router. Troubles with second wireless router.

Hey guys, recently my D-link router decided to die on my so I had to purchase a new one. My old setup was a D-link to a Asus 125 wireless router. When I chucked in the new Modem (TP-LINK TD8840 Modem Router) and set it all up, I had set it up as PPPoa, however, when I plugged in my wireless router, none of the computers connected via wireless had internet access nor the ones that were connected to the wireless router via cable but was fine if I connected straight to the Modem. I then ran the setup for my wireless router again, I noticed that it would only take 3 ADSL types PPPoe, PPTP and ADSL with a static IP. Before getting the new modem, I was sure I had run as PPPoe. I then went back to the Modem and set it up as PPPoe but was unable to connect to the internet at all. What'll I need to do to get everything running again? My current ISP is Ihug/Vodafone of New Zealand.
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  1. call your ISP and see if they can help you with the modem configuration
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