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Stuttering... Occurring GPU Or ?

Hi Guys I've had a new set-up made about 2 months ago up until last week it was perfect, Now I'm finding stuttering and the thing that I don't understand is it started happening during gaming now it can happen as easy as listening to music after the computer turns on?.. I don't know what is going on but it makes no sense to me. is it the Motherboard?, GPU? or Ram? its very well taken care of i built the computer myself. I'm on my final year at University studying Computer Science and I've worked as a technical I.T Officer dealing with many hardware problems but I've never came across such an annoying thing.

System Specs:

Nvidia Asus GTX560
Kingston 16gig Ram 1600mhz
Gigabyte: z68X-UD3-B3
Windows 7 64bit

if anyone can help it will be highly appreciated.
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  1. could be a possible driver problem?
  2. Lookerup see i have tested this issue with the current Nvidida Driver being 295.73.. the issue never came across this driver up until tonight, when i updated the drivers last week to the new 296.10 Drivers the stuttering started almost a day later but tonight the stuttering came again after i updated the drivers i wanted to see what the problem was anyway so now the problem is happening to both drivers just much less on the 295.73..
  3. did you do a clean uninstall? cause i had problem with nvidia drivers before and gave me BSODs and sometimes would make my screen pink and freeze it.
  4. yeah i did twice, i never encountered the Death screen haha but i might as-well be my Mid-Range computer is running worse off than my old Celeron and it is making no sense to me, i don't mind if its a hardware issue due to having warranty on every part but, i hate the headache i am picking up with this.. and i want to be certain on the issue. see i was leading to it being the driver, but when the stuttering happened earlier tonight after a week it made no sense to me what it could have been. anyway I'm running the old drivers again and for the pas 8 hours no problem, but i am almost certain the issue will rise again and soon maybe not today or tomorrow but in the week or two and i want to solve the issue not postponed it
  5. how did you uninstall your drivers? just checking
  6. well what i did was, by the way im really grateful for asking these questions.. as i know you are truly trying to help and i hope i did do this wrong .. anyway.. what i did was i opened the old driver and the new driver went custom install and did install clean... something. and under it said "it will do an uninstallation than prior to that install the drivers again"
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    What i suggest is you uninstall by manually.
    1)uninstall from control panel -> programs and features-> uninstall all nvidia drivers one by one.(if it tells you to restart, do it)
    2) download this program called driver sweeper( )
    3)then install this ( )
    4) when all drivers are uninstalled run driver sweeper and check nvidia chipset, display and physX and click analyze and clean
    5) extract the ZIP from the second download and Run the program inside the folder after extraction and restart(probably do it one more time)
    6) after all that mess install nvidia driver, but only install the graphic driver ONLY and check perform clean install and then restart
    7) after you can install everything else( i would not download the 3d drivers)
  8. Hmm interesting.. geez thanks dude hope this works you think this could solve all the issues??
  9. well it helped me with mine.
  10. so did you also have stuttering issues? with sound and video especially during gameplay??
  11. I have 560s in sli and I had to re install drivers last week. I had FPS dips and one card was not doing a whole lot of did drivers and all is well.

    Get the MSI afterburner and track gpu use and memory use.
  12. interesting.. well did u end up installing the old or new drivers??
  13. i had graphical problems but i do get static during start up, but the sound was nothing serious.
  14. fair enough , i hope this doesnt become a often thing with NVIDIA Drivers, so yeah what driver did u end up installing the new 1 or the older 1
  15. im at the lastest 296.10
  16. ok well ill be doing all that soon thank you so much man really appreciate the time and effort. if this does fix the issue i will be so grateful. quickly but you dont think its hardware related issue as in needing to be returned?
  17. well i doubt it, but if you feel that it's defected then feel free to RMA it.
  18. well i doubt it, but if you feel that it's defected then feel free to RMA it.
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  20. ok well cheers dude.. i will let you know how it goes soon :) have a goodnight
  21. The problem is still there after i followed all steps.
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