New built CPU idle-ing over 50 Celsius

I just assembled my new pc with the processor being i5- 3750k which has a preapplied thermal component. my question is, should I apply more thermal paste? Add more fans? use an after market cooler? i dont want my new built pc fried. thanks
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  1. You should idling at around 30-40'C with stock heatsink.

    i would re-do the thermal paste. Make sure that it's as thin as possible, but also make sure that it covers the entire CPU top. It might be that it may have been a little thick, so that it may not fully dissipate.

    Are your heatsink fans working properly?

    Is your CPU new or used?
    It may be possible that you may have found a faulty board or CPU. Maybe the sensors may not work properly.

    Are you overclocking?

    If everything is the way its suppose to be. I would check on your BIOS to see if maybe your motherboard is overvolting the CPU. My ASUS motherboard overvolts by 0.1V, that can cause a small spike in temp.
  2. Yeah, alot of issues with temps start off with incorrect sensors in the motherboards.

    Reapply the thermal paste with some Artic Silver one, I recommend just putting an x-shape over the chip and then letting the heatsink spread it over itself to avoid air bubbles.

    First see if how your bios controls your fans, see if its on a quiet setting, or on a default setting. When I put my CPU fans on quiet, I see temp spikes up to around 10 degrees.
  3. You should start by taking a look at what your full-load core temperatures end up looking like.

    My CPU idles at 45-50C even with a Hyper 212+ which may look like a bad install but only jumps to 60C under load which is perfectly fine. At 600RPM idle due to Quiet speed profile, the fan just isn't pushing much/any air through the HSF.
  4. Yes, heatsink fan is working properly. and no I am not overclocking actually I havent yet installed windows in it, Im just checking it from UEFI setup. and I only have two fans one is of heatsink and other was builtin in the casing.
  5. yes, the fans are on quiet mode.
  6. Typically when your in the Bios, CPU fan speeds always stay at 100%.
  7. Looks like your HSF was not sitting on the CPU properly since only half the paste strips spread out.

    Now that you have pulled the HSF off, you are going to have to clean it up and apply fresh paste. It is also possible to reuse the existing paste but people around frown on that since it may introduce bubbles in the paste and there isn't much paste to reuse on the stock HSF to begin with.
  8. and yes, I was using my old graphic card without its fan which i somehow broke, I removed it and the there is a fall from 55 C to around 52 C

    P.S; Do i need to add more fans? I only have two working right now.
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