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What should i get?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
April 8, 2012 5:54:17 PM

Hello there I have a GTX 470 graphics card and i want to know what would be better to crossfire 2 GTX 470 or just grade my card?

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a c 1310 U Graphics card
April 8, 2012 6:34:52 PM

Nvidia = SLI!
I would upgrade to a GTX680 if your other hardware is up to it.
a c 175 U Graphics card
April 8, 2012 6:54:28 PM

Yes it's called SLI not crossfire.

I think upgrading would be great, GTX 680, waiting for other Keplers, etc would be a better option.
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a c 216 U Graphics card
April 8, 2012 6:57:18 PM

I just happened to have upgraded from 470's in SLI to a single 680 this week. The 680 is about 30% faster than 470's in SLI, and it's a LOT quieter. That's the big downside of the 470's and why I couldn't wait to get rid of them. GTX 470's are loud with 1, but ridiculous with 2.

So I guess the question is, do you want to spend more for a quieter faster setup?
April 8, 2012 7:35:42 PM

Well the thing is i don't want to spend like 500 on a new card i have like $200 to $300 on a new card thats why i was thinking about doing SLI 470's.I just want to to get the best FPS i can get for the money
a c 216 U Graphics card
April 8, 2012 7:37:38 PM

How sensitive are you to noisy computers?
April 9, 2012 6:22:29 PM

Ya that card is the same one i linked.
If you have any plans to add a 2nd video card you should get a PSU off these list of AMD certified power supplies. Probably need 650-700watts to run an Xfire setup depending on the rest of your PC.
a c 175 U Graphics card
April 10, 2012 4:09:53 AM

I found a cheaper 7850 card at amazon too.

Or if you can get off newegg, I recommend this Non overclocked version of the sapphire 7850 you showed me which costs $300, in newegg it cost $250 (Not including shipping and tax).

And I'd stay away from those PSU, go for the decent branded one, it's worth it. For example a Corsair TX750. Maybe it has less wattage for the same price, but the quality is better, will stay longer, better warranty and tech support :) .