XFX ATI Radeon HD 5670 driver and Windows 7 64-bit

About a year ago I noticed a one pixel blue line running vertically about 2-3 inches from the right side of my monitor. Because it was only one pixel wide it was not a bother. Now that line has expanded to a 6-10 pixel wide band and another one has started another three inches from the first. I believe something is corrupted. When I run a file cleaner and disk optimization sometimes the lines will evaporate and the monitor will look clean with out the bands of lines. The next day, after shutdown, the pixel bands are back and we start all over again. Ideas of how to fix this issue.
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  1. I have seen similar issues with the monitor being at fault!
  2. The strange thing about my Dell monitor is that now once I run a disk optimization the pixel bands go away which leads me to believe the monitor's OK and it's something being corrupted with the graphics card or something else.
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