The best PhysX card for GTX 560 SLI

Hello, I would buy some PhysX dedicated card but idk which ... Currently I have GTX 560 SLI... I looked after GIGABYTE N430-1GI (GT 430), is it good ? It only has to be 1 slot wide and price should be around 80$... Thanks (Sorry for my english)

EDIT: Can I feel difference with PhysX dedicated card if it has 1GB or 2GB memory ? Thanks
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  1. I think that the overall performance will be worst than by letting the 560 ti SLI by itself.
    I have also a 560 ti (twin frozr II) and tested Dedicating my old 9800gtx+ to physx, the resultant performance was worst than letting the 560 ti calculate physx by itself, overall performance dropped. so i think unless you have something like a 450 you will be just loosing performance, but i also don't recommend buying a dedicated physx card, with the 560 ti SLI the physx performance is already good, unless you had a spare 450 or something i would recommend doing so (if you have enough Power).
  2. why not offload the physx to the processor ?
  3. Processor can't handle it, extreme lag. that is why they use GPU...

    Just tested:
    The Cpu can't handle physx as GPU, so they remove almost all particles, to avoid the "lag" so the game works, but i lost a lot of frames and the particles were drastically reduced.
  4. I don't have ,,TI" version ... I have 750W Corsair PSU and motherboard is P8P67 EVO (asus) ... OK, thanks for tips
  5. yes i think that the psu would struggle with another gpu running and the physx would be in the x4 slot would probably drop more the performance.
  6. I'll try lend GTS 450 and I'll see... Or I'll let it become cheaper ---
  7. A GT220 is considered the minimum.,2465-8.html

    What have we learned from this? Primarily, the GeForce GT 220, a card that doesn't appear to be very powerful on its own, becomes a force to be reckoned with as a dedicated PhysX processor, definitely offering the most bang for the buck when compared to more expensive GeForce models

    Turning on PhysX isn't necessary for gameplay, and you'll never miss it if you don't see the effects. However, when PhysX is enabled, it adds superlative nuances and really creates some “wow” moments. The chunky explosions, cloth effects, paper, fog, and environmental detail enhancements are very cool.

    The good news here is that a GeForce GT 220 can be had for as little as $65 [$45 today] online, and as a dedicated PhysX card, it will guarantee that the High PhysX setting won't bottleneck performance. Even at 1920x1200, the GT 220 produced a minimum frame rate of 36 FPS as a dedicated PhysX card. Using more expensive solutions as dedicated PhysX processors didn't produce appreciably higher frame rates, so the GeForce GT 220 is a real PhysX champion for the price.

    The GT 430 and 440 are available for the same price as a the 440 would be my pick.

    Have two 560 Ti's (running again at 1020 Mhz) upstairs on Sin No. 3's box and it runs everything just fine, including 3D on 120 Hz monitor.
  8. Here is the performance difference by letting the CPU do the work:




    the frames show you the difference.
  9. i7 2600k now running at 3.8ghz (stock turbo) because i am also running 560 ti SLI (1gb)
  10. yes that is what happens when you see good, price performance cards lol.
  11. Im thinking about GTX550 as PhysX with SLi GTX560.What do you guys think?
  12. I meant 460 LOL
  13. Which would be better? 550 has good price
  14. if you have the money... go for it (460), but like we have strongly adviced, you will be just wasting money, the performance gain won't worth the price you will be spending on it.

    Batman Arkham city recommend minimum a 460 to play with physx on High so... if you have the cash go for it.
  15. Hey wanted to chime is as I am curious of doing similar. I have a GTX680/I7 970 CPU single card and I just put a GTX560 TI in my old machine running Q6600 CPU.

    I have a GTS 250 just sitting in a box. Would I see a difference if I used the GTS 250 with the GTX 680 dedicating it to physx? As I said its collecting dust.

    All I do is play WoW 25 man raiding while streaming and running fraps. Planning eventually buying a 2nd GTX 680 when the price comes down. I dont think I could fit 2 of my cards and the GTS 250 once I SLI in my board but for now should I have dedicated Physx?

    My board

    My Card

    Thanks in advance
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