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Hi I'm about to start a new build. I have bought a couple of parts such as a motherboard, graphics card and some RAM.

As its my first time and I'm a little tight on money, I thought it may be best to recycle some of my old parts such as my hdd drive, DVD drives and a power supply.

I'm planning to get the i7 quad core 2600k processor. Which I may overclock as I know someone who knows what there doing when it comes to overclocking.

I found out the power supply I have in my computer at the moment is only a 300watt and I know this won't be enough as I have an 1gb asus gx560ti being delivered on Friday.

I'm just writing to ask what would be a cheap acceptable power supply that will run my computer without a struggle. Obviously I don't want the top of the range but I may need more power if I was to upgrade at a later date by maybe adding more RAM and a hdd or sdd drive.

The components I'm using to build this computer is:

•Asus p8z69 deluxe motherboard
•Asus 1gb gx560ti direct cuII
•intel i7 quad core unlocked 2600k
•8gb RAM
•LG CDRom *unsure what model this is*
•LG CDRW drive *likewise with unknown model*
• 500gb SATAII hdd

This is the majority of components and I would just like to know what's the best priced power supply I should get?
Bare in mind I would like to add more hdd space such as 1tb or 2tb.

Please forgive me for being slightly in accurate here and there but this is my first build and I'm new to this kind of thing but all comments will be taken into account
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  1. Corsair TX750 V2 is on sale right now for $79.99 after MIR, with plenty of room for SLI in the future.

    If you don't plan to SLI, this is probably better for you:
  2. So do you advise around the 600-650 watt mark for these specifications?

    I must say I've been looking at the tx750 on amazon so I guess I'm heading in the right direction
  3. dshawes said:
    So do you advise around the 600-650 watt mark for these specifications?

    Imo, 500 watts is plenty for a single 560 Ti, if you plan to SLI then yes, I would recommend a decent quality 650 watt PSU.
  4. thanks very much for all your help.

    i shall fill that out in another thread.
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