Can u Help me Choose which Linux?

Hi everyone, im a Windows user about to migrate to Linux. to give u an idea of myself im not that dumb(even tho i use windows lol), ok, and im willing to learn Linux for good. But which distribution should i use? people say Red Hat is the easiest, but there are other versions like SuSe and Debian and im kinda confused. Can anyone tell me the differences and pros/cons? thanx a milyun

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  1. IMO, Linux-Mandrake is the easiest to install, setup, use, and learn for any Linux newbie. It practically does everything for you at installation.

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  2. There aren't that many differences between the different versions. There are some, but a beginner probably isn't going to notice them so much. The thing I think a beginner would notice the most would be the installation. Here Redhat and Mandrake are generally the best choice. There are others that should be just fine as well, such as Suse or Conectiva. But, it really shouldn't matter too much. If you have a friend to ask questions of (always a good idea when dealing with linux), ask them what they recommend and go with that.

    If you have a CD Burner and some decent bandwidth or a stable modem connection, you can check out <A HREF="" target="_new">LinuxISO</A> and download most of the major distributions, as well as some of the not-so-major ones, and decide for yourself which one you like.
  3. well i have 2 recommendations
    Mandrake is easy to install and has many features included such as KDE, gnome, Kword and so on. Mandrake is VERY easy to install

    second is Redhat, it's not quite as easy to install but still very easy but it includes the same stuff as mandrake and more.

    like dude before me said, you need fast intnernet and a CD burner. download the iso then burn it to a CD and read the instructions included

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  4. If you don't have a CD-burner, I suggest you get the floppy image to install from the network.

    You will also need rawrite.exe from the dosutils directory to make the boot disk from Windows.

    You will also need something like Partition Magic to setup your partitions (unless you plan to install linux on a new hard drive).

    When you boot from the floppy, you just have to point it to an ftp mirror for Red Hat 7.2.

    I suggest this one:

    Good luck
  5. Redhat 7.2 is a breeze if you leave enough free space to install it. It will create the partitons for you. Whatever you use make sure your components are compatiable by looking at the HCL on the Redhat site. I'm sure the otheres have HCL list also.

    Are you the friend who works on computers? :cool:
  6. Glad you decided to try Linux :)

    If you're looking for the distribution that's easiest to use, Redhat is your answer without a doubt. The people at Redhat have made it the most user-friendly distro around.

    However, if you want to dive headfirst into Linux, I'd recommend Slackware. It's one of the best ones to learn from, imho, because it doesn't aim to be completely user-friendly - it just aims for stability and security.


    P.S. It's possible to install Linux from an ISO image on the harddrive (at least for Slackware, I don't know about others):
    I'd imagine some variant of that could apply to other distros as well.
  7. thanx everyone! ive decided on redhat i think. coz its easier to get(on cd, my connection isnt that fast and i dont got no cdrw).

    seeya around!

  8. If ya have problem gettin started with Linux as I did( the Distro's are hard to download without errors, even with DSl or Cable - or your firends CD's dont install correctly) - try SuSE 7.3 personal for $39... Its almost everywhere - like CompUsa and most computer stores...

    I tried for about 2 weeks to get a good distro download, and I a have a good fast DSL... Then I tried some friends CDs... Problems, Problems, Problems...

    Outa agrevation I bought SuSE 7.3 personal - actually cause it was the cheapest for $39 at CompUSa. WOW - Installed first time Right outa the box - Supprised me! (all except the ModemBalster(winmodem) that I don't think any Linux supports)

    Am not a Linux expert, or a SuSe salesman - But...
    Suse ain't bad at all!!!

    I've since gone in with a couple others and bought SuSE 7.3 Pro ($79 max)... What a great bundle of NIX software!!! Everything! The most comprehensive collection of Linux software you can get!!! and all on CD(7 of em), ready to go and matching...

    If time and convienience mean anything at all to ya - Go buy a good distro all packaged up and matching... And SuSE sure works SMOOOOOOOTH for me!!!!

    One note here: I have always put Suse on a dedicated box - No Dual Boot systems!
    I first put it on an old P200 just to check out Linux - OK, but slow... Then up on a PII400@533 - acceptable, even ran Apache server, MySql, Samba and networked with Win2K P2P workgroups with a little zip. Now its proven itself to deserve good hardware and is on a PIII 1 Gig and is downright FAST and DEPENDABLE... Perhaps not Dual booting and always letting SuSE make its oun partions and choose it own file systems(the default) have helped in being so smooth... But I ain't complainin! SuSE's being real good to me!
  9. I downloaded the iso's (3) for Mandrake 8.1 last week and installed the program. It went well and was virtually automatic which it had to be since I know nothing about Linux. However, it was a long download, even on a cable connection. Since then I have found a site, that sell the disks. i.e., CheapBytes Linux Mandrake 8.1 3 CD Set $ 5.49. I wouldn't download them again for that and they have just about every flavor of Linux I have heard of at comparable prices. At that price I can try several versions and blow away any I don't like.

  10. I agree. Well- at least that Mandrake is REALLY easy to set up. I can't give an unbiased comparison because I've never worked with any other distros.

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