Advice me on my graphics situation

Hi I have an interesting graphics situation that has come up.
The problem is I already have a new Amd Radeon Hd6670 card. I also have a monitor, Samsung Syncmaster 940b. I am going to get an Ivy Bridge 3770 new build, and still use the monitor. There is a built in Gpu I believe.
Bottleneck, yes.

Starcraft 2, upcoming expansion. 3D editing. Graphic painting and maybe another game or two.
What do I do, what is the level of card that minimizes the bottleneck?
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  1. the 6670 you have is better than the built in intel graphics. So you would use it and not the integrated.

    As for bottleneck, yes. Not too big of a problem with SC though. I have a machine at home running a 6670 and a core2quad which runs SCII just fine @ 1600x1050.

    That said, there are much better cards if you want to shell out some money. Games like bf3 don't run well on a 6670.

    With that cpu, the gpu will always be the bottleneck (excluding sli/cf). Which means anything from a $150 card to a $600 card would work. What's your budget?
  2. Good to hear that it runs Sc2 well.
    Idon't know really. I will have to see after getting all the other stuff I'm getting.

    I have another thread on the entire build up. But I am yet to get any replies. It was my first post here, and I might have written the post a bit too big to get replies, or made a similar mistake.
  3. i'll respond to it.
    it's slow here on sundays
  4. Tell us what power supply you have or are getting so that when we know your budget we can pair it with a good graphic card.
    Think at least GTX560Ti or HD7850. It can go up to GTX680 or HD7970 but of course will cost more.
  5. I agree with the above.
    Basically decide on a budget and buy the best card (google benchmarks).

    The other issue is that the GTX680 is a better gaming card, but the HD7970 is better for COMPUTE. Would you utilize the HD7970's compute features? Also the HD7970/HD7950's are a little overpriced and are expected to drop in a few months as the GTX600 series comes in.

    You can build your own system far cheaper and better than buying new. If you want help I can easily generate a list of recommended parts. (I have personally designed and built over 100 systems.)

    - buy best card in budget (HD6870 is best value at $150 if you shop around)
    - Power Supply on pre-builts is often inadequate for high-end graphics cards
    - Why not build your own system? Far better and cheaper. It's a lot easier than it looks if you have help.

    *Another issue with pre-builds is you generally void the warranty by opening it up. Want to mess around with graphics cards, swap the PSU, hard drive, SSD etc? Sorry.

    Got a simple problem but need to open the case to check something. You have to send it back.
  6. ^he has another thread for the system.

    edit: I suppose now would be a good time to mention that a single thread is best when asking about a new build. There are exceptions but it's easier if we don't have to skip between two threads.
  7. Thank you for the replies!

    I plan on getting a quality psu. Probably coolermaster because my old coolermaster psu is still working after 4 years. 600w Silent Pro Gold.

    I will lookup compute.

    Slicedtoad, I wasn't expecting to discuss much more than the graphics card and monitor here.
    How does using a dvi cord compare with hdmi cords? (we could also put vga in the comparison mix).
  8. Photonboy, yeah that would be great. I am currently finding my way through recommended part lists.
  9. hdmi = dvi with sound. I'd avoid vga at 1920x1080+. Compute is doing work on your gpu, like folding@home or bitcoin mining.
  10. Then dvi and hdmi will show up equal on the monitor, nice.

    How about vga vs dvi? :)
  11. VGA is analogue so it's hard to say exactly what the difference will be. But worse. Usually less sharp at high resolutions.

    Also there are many different types of each, I won't explain them though since it just causes confusion. Instead just assume I'm talking about the standard dvi/hdmi/vga ports on your standard modern monitor and gpu.
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