Problem regarding Ati HD 3870x2 And crossfire


I have a dell 630i and bought it about 3 year ago,

I've upgraded my computer to windows 7 64bit and I'm using 4gb memory.

Now my problem: When i install my Graphics cards(Ati Hd 3870x2); CCC and ATIECLXX.exe use extreme high CPU and Memory.

I can play games, but with a very annoying graphic lag spike from time to time. It's basically unplayable.

Now i have found out that when i disable pci-to-pci bridge ( I have 3 of them in devices manager ) or disable one card the problem goes away. But this also takes away crossfire since I'm only using one video card.

I'm using the latest Ati driver 12.3 and I've already tried switching the cards in my computer this didn't fix anything.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Any help?
  2. I'm having the same issue so I would also like an answer. For now I'm reverting back to older drivers.
  3. I'm having the same problem.

    The 2010 default drivers won't run Guildwars 2 (I get a black screen after the launcher and the whole system locks up there), the 12.3 drivers will -- but my CPU usage shoots up to 98%+, resulting in temps over 90 degrees (bad news). I don't mean 98%+ when I'm running the launcher or any other software -- it's around 100% at boot and stays there even if nothing at all is running. ATIECLXX and CCC are the culprits. I've tried just the driver, just the driver and CCC, and the whole package -- same problems all around (although when I'm without Catalyst Control Center obviously it's only ATIECLXX causing the CPU usage, not both that and CCC).

    These are clean driver/CCC installs, stripping all the old stuff out first. Everything's being done properly, there clearly seems to be some sort of problem with 12.3 and Crossfire'd 3870s -- or at least so it seems.

    So frustrating. Which I could replace the 3870s, but this is a 12/08 Alienware M17, and I'm told (by Alienware and Ztronics) that I have no options there. Won't even go into how much I regret buying this machine, I made the mistake of seeing how much it cost when I was looking up the specs on the old Alienware Hive site.

    Does anyone have any idea what's going on or how to fix it?
  4. I'm in a (legacy/pre-Dell) Alienware M17 laptop that, I'm told, has proprietary connections and won't support anything beyond the 3870s.
  5. @iathycs - I use the same machine (similar - it's an ocz whitebook) and have done A LOT of strange things to it over the years to keep it running.

    To continue rocking like it's 2009, do the following:

    1. remove ccc
    2. stop+disable the atieclxx service using the following instructions:

    if that link doesnt work (for whatever reason), the service you are looking for is called AMD External Events Utility. stop and disable it through run > services.msc

    I've never come across a game that required ccc or atieclxx. If you desperately need game profile config, consider RadeonPro as an alternative.

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